Barcelona After Days


Barcelona - Summer. Always summer. A place where we feel home, because of many things. For one, it connects so many things we love. A mix of surfing and skating and an acceptance for a youth culture, that somehow is allowed to be different. 

What we like to do in Barcelona, after our hectic days are over, is going out for a nice bit of fun. Here some of the things we recommend.


Well this is a classic. Like everyone starts at home. But Barcelona is a special beast when it comes to pre-drinking. The fact that the city is home to 5 trillion roof terraces is pretty much the best reason in the world to start your journey with a bucket of ice, loads of lime and a little rum. 


Once you leave your house, you are out there in the wild. But still you are far away from any club or dancing involvement. Barcelona offers you some decent 24hr coverage, which (with a little smile) also sells you some booze after midnight. Just make sure you have enough for everyone. 


Once you have loaded up on essentials, things are easy, head to one of the big squares in town and make sure you mingle with some kids that have the same in mind as you. The perfect moment to find out where the night is gonna go off to and to see who is worth to be followed. Here another thing about Barcelona comes to play. Tourists. Hated by most, they bring a special ingredient to your night - they are only here once and probably want to make the best of it.


Well, we missed out a couple of things. Why? Because the actual going out, chasing girls, getting wasted is pretty much the same as everywhere and we are pretty sure you have seen enough pictures of that. We finish off with the late night sticker explanation to give this whole thing something meaningful. 

Let us know when you are in Barcelona, we wanna see you.